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Issue a copy bank payment slip quickly and with no hassle. That's how we do it at BDMG!

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Our customer may consult us about information regarding your contract and even request renegotiation or new financing.

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For those who ran a simulation and wish to follow up on the progress of their proposal in a quick and safe way.

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If you're a partner, you can access all functionalities available here, with no hassle.

BDMG - Financiamento Municípios

Funding Municipalities

    Access the Notices of Previous Municipalities

    Find information and documents required for each public notice.

    Process Documentation

    Access the documents related to the hiring and post-hiring processes.
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    We know that more speed and less bureaucracy are important differentials in the day-to-day relationships with a bank. On that, we built a new way of relationship with the municipalities, fully digital and practical.

    Learn about the features and how to access BDMG Digital:

    It’s very simple! When registering on the BDMG Digital platform, the municipality will have:

    • Financing request;
    • Monitoring of all stages of your financing by email;
    • 100% digital hiring;
    • Inquiry of the debit balance;
    • Issuance of the 2nd copy of the bank slip and financing statement;
    • Submission of projects, bids, measurements and additives.
    • Credit limit simulation (coming soon).


    It is very easy to request the registration of your municipality in BDMG Digital and have access to all functionalities.

    Register the mayor and municipal manager now and simplify your processes.

    Models and Booklets: Model of the Law and Annexes
    Model Docs. Hiring
    Project Booklet
    Bidding Booklet
    Measurement/Additives Booklet
    SPB - BDMG Spreadsheet System
    Manual How to Launch Measurement
    Submission of Additives
    Sending Measurements
    Submission of Rendering of Accounts
    Sending Bids
    Project Submission
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    It is fast and safe

    BDMG - assessoria de municípios

    Technical advice for regular concession and PPP projects

    mapa de minas gerais
    BDMG works to support and strengthen cities from Minas Gerais.

    The funding lines for the public segment provide conditions to support the municipal administration in making investments necessary to the city's infrastructure, without compromising the financial health of the municipality.

    BDMG - assessoria de municípios

    Rio Doce


    (Portuguese only)


    If you are not already a client, register now into Digital BDMG and access facilities.

    It is fast and safe.


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