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Our client can look into information relating to their contract and request a new financing.

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For those who ran a simulation and wish to follow up on the progress of their proposal in a quick and safe way.

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0800 283 8337

For those who are already clients and have contracted a credit line.




+55 (31) 3219-8000

For those who are not yet clients and want to learn more about BDMG, our products and also about the progress of a request for funding.

Ombudsman Service

The Ombudsman Service is a body that ultimately provides service to customers and users of BDMG products and services; that is, it should be contacted when the matter has not been settled using the normal service channels.

The BDMG Ombudsman Service is regulated by Resolution 4,433 of the Central Bank of Brazil. The documents are available in Portuguese only.​

BDMG Ouvidoria


0800 940 5832

Reports Download
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Relatório Resumido de Desempenho - Ouvidoria BDMG - 2º Semestre 2018 DOWNLOAD
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Relatório Resumido de Desempenho - Ouvidoria BDMG - 2º semestre 2017 DOWNLOAD
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Whistleblowing Line

In compliance with CMN Resolution No. 4,567 from April 27, 2017 BDMG provides the Complaints Investigation System (SISDEN) of the Minas Gerais General State Comptroller - CGE for the communication of information that may affect the reputation of the members of statutory bodies and situations indicating unlawfulness of any kind related to the activities of the Bank.

Understand the BDMG reporting structure:

BDMG fluxo de denuncia

Audit Committee

In compliance with CMN/BACEN Resolution 3,198/2004, this channel is intended to receive information from any person, whether or not linked to BDMG, on evidence of fraud, violation of legislation or internal regulations and code, and accounting, control or internal or independent audit-related irregularities.

The messages will be received exclusively by the Bank's AUDIT COMMITTEE, which is made up of independent members without any subordination bond to the Board of Officers; this committee will analyze the charges received under strict confidentiality, independence, impartiality and exemption parameters.

Confidential treatment of the information and protection of the identity of the provider, when requested, will be ensured.

Use the form to send your message to the Audit Committee. You may choose not to identify yourself.

Circular Letters

Circular letters and letters confirming account balances for external audit purposes, which are original and signed by the legal representative of the company, must be sent to the General Internal Audit Office at the following address:


Rua da Bahia, 1.600 - 10º andar - Bairro Lourdes

CEP: 30106-907

Belo Horizonte - MG.



(31) 3219-8622

(31) 3219-8399

(31) 3219-8462.

Download the fee and refund table:

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