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Issue a copy bank payment slip quickly and with no hassle. That's how we do it at BDMG!

BDMG Internet Banking
Internet Banking
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Our client can look into information relating to their contract and request a new financing.

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For those who ran a simulation and wish to follow up on the progress of their proposal in a quick and safe way.

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Correspondent Banks
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If you're a CB, you can access all functionalities available here, with no hassle.

Do I need working capital?

BDMG has the best fees. Run a simulation and confirm it!

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See how BDMG Working Capital can help your business

BDMG has working capital with unique conditions for companies in Minas Gerais.


Working capital to help your company face challenges or seize opportunities through the conscious use of credit

BDMG Geraminas

Find the ideal credit line for your company's objectives:

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“Thanks to BDMG, today we're an innovative, sustainable enterprise. The photovoltaic panels help us replace regular eletricity with solar power, besides reducing our energy cost.”

Rafael Peixoto

Is it easy to request credit at BDMG?


You don't need to know anyone at BDMG or provide evidence of a previous relationship.


BDMG serves all types of business and company sizes in all regions.


We do not require contracting of other products, such as insurance, investments and payroll.


We follow you throughout the whole credit application process. Everything happens quickly and safely.

BDMG contato

Talk to BDMG

(31) 3219-8000

For those who are not yet clients and want to learn more about the bank, our products and also about the progress of a request for funding.

Phone number for clients

0800 283 8337

For you who already are our client and have contracted a credit line.


Rua da Bahia, 1600

Lourdes - Belo Horizonte / MG

CEP 30160-907

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