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BDMG has the right credit for agribusiness:


Development of sustainable agriculture


Working capital


Acquisition of machinery and equipment


Improvement and industrialization of rural products


Storage of natural products


Technological innovation in rural properties


Agroindustrial development of cooperatives


Construction and expansion of warehouses


Development of irrigated agriculture

Direct acting products

Here, you will find all lines of credit to agribusiness. Your company can contract directly with BDMG. Find the conditions that best fit your business and hire!


What it is: Line of credit for the Minas Gerais coffee production chain.

Who is it for: Coffee processing, roasting or exporting cooperatives and soluble coffee or roasting industries.


  • Specialized service;
  • Experience in supporting agribusiness;
  • BDMG specializes in transferring federal and BNDES.

Credit Unions

Check out the BDMG financing lines that you can contract with the Credit Union in your region. More agility and proximity to support your business.


What it is: Financing for rural producers, in support of carrying out their activities.

Who is it for: Rural producers from Minas Gerais, individuals or companies, with revenues of up to R$ 16 million per year.


  • Working capital;
  • Investment Projects;
  • Acquisition of machinery and equipment;
  • Purchase of agricultural products for industrialization.


What it is: Credit for the adoption of sustainable production, which contributes to soil regeneration in crops.

Who is it for: Rural producers, individual or legal entity, located in Minas Gerais.

Fundable Items:

  • Acquisition of remineralizers and/or conditioners for soil recomposition and/or recovery;
  • Acquisition of natural, mineral and/or biomass-based fertilizers;
  • Acquisition of bioproducts based on microorganisms;
  • Acquisition of cover plant seeds;
  • Transport and application of products in the planting area.


What it is: Financing for the acquisition of equipment and installations for the production of bioinputs and/or biofertilizers, for own use.

Who is it for: Rural producers, individual or legal entity, located in Minas Gerais.

Fundable Items:

  • Construction and modernization of improvements and facilities on rural properties;
  • Hiring for civil works, improvements and installation of equipment;
  • Equipment, electrical, electronic, hydraulic installations and effluent treatment;
  • Laboratory equipment for microscopic analysis of soil and bioinputs;
  • Acquisition of strains, isolates or sources of inoculum and culture media for the first production cycle.
Contato - BDMG


Rua da Bahia, 1600

Lourdes - Belo Horizonte / MG

CEP 30160-907

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