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Credit lines for innovation.

If it is new to your company, it is innovation for BDMG.

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Innovating goes beyond creating something new for the market: it means creating something new for your company to grow and diversify its production.

BDMG is the largest provider of subsidized financing in the State of Minas Gerias. We have strategic partners and offer the best lines of credit for your company.

There are 15 lines of financing. Term and rate conditions vary according to the characteristics of your project.
Our business managers are experts in designing financial solutions with competitive rates and terms and differentiated guarantees.
Select the size of your company below to provide personalized and tailored services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is financing for innovation?


    Credit lines for innovation are grouped into two main categories:

    Project - the objective is to finance an innovation for the company, in the form of a budget that will result in a new product, or new service, or new process. It is essential to characterize the company's effort to develop internal knowledge/own technology to achieve any of these objectives.

    Lists - financing of isolated items, without the need for a project and which have already been previously accredited by manufacturers/suppliers as innovative with entities such as Finep, BNDES/Finame or MCTI (Ordinance 950). For example, “industry 4.0” equipment and solutions from the Inovacred 4.0 line.

    BDMG has 15 credit lines/modalities in these two categories. Request a complete portfolio.

  • In an “innovation project” type operation, what can be financed?


    Operations of the “innovation projects” can finance the following items, provided they are linked to the objective of making a “new project/service or new process” viable for the company:

    • Civil works, installations, assemblies, furniture and utensils.
    • National and imported equipment.
    • Computerization (hardware and software) and technological development.
    • Raw material and consumables.
    • Research and development.
    • Trainings.
    • Consulting and third-party services.
    • Associated working capital, limited to 30% of the financed amount (only in the Pro-innovation line - Pró-Inovação)

  • Is it necessary to prove the use of resources?


    As it is financing for projects, expenses must be proven, as well as the expected delivery of the project.

  • Why are innovation pipeline rates so low?


    They rely on public subsidies, which are converted into better cost and access conditions.

    The lines of the Pró-Inovação program, exclusive to Minas Gerais, are supported by Fapemig. Rates starting at 60% of Selic + 1.2% p.a.

    Finep or BNDES transfer lines rely on resources from federal funds such as FNDCT, Funttel and Fust. Therefore, the rates are much lower than market rates. Rates from 4.236% p.a. + T.R. It is worth mentioning that they are indexed in TR (and not in Selic).

  • Who can request inclusion in the innovation lines?


    Legal entities with CNPJ in good standing, of all sizes and sectors of activity, that have projects to be developed in Minas Gerais. It is not necessary to be a technology-based company.

  • Are there differences in the lines depending on the size of the company?


    Yes, substantial differences. For companies with gross revenue between R$0 and R$16 million/year, BDMG offers the Pró-Inovação MPE line. For larger companies, there are other lines.

    Request additional information by filling out the contact form on this same page.

  • My company is a startup, it has an innovative project, but there is no revenue yet. Can I apply for credit?


    Yes, the Pró-Inovação MPE line serves companies with annual revenue between R$0 and R$16 million/year. It has subsidized rates, allows operations of up to R$1 million and does not require real guarantees to contract credit. The grace period is 18 months (with payment of interest) and the amortization period is 42 months (payment of interest and principal), totaling 60 months.

  • What is not eligible for innovation funding?


    If the company needs working capital or resources for commercial or production expansion, BDMG will have other lines to cover, as these purposes are not classified as innovation. Likewise, through other lines we serve the purposes of photovoltaic energy generation, tourism, agribusiness, machinery/equipment/vehicles, among others.

  • Which Finep lines does BDMG transfer in Minas Gerais?


    BDMG transfers decentralized credit lines from Finep to companies with Gross Operating Revenue above R$16 million/year. They are:

    • Inovacred (including Expresso, Conecta and 4.0 modalities)
    • Innovative Acquisition (Telecom, Healthcare, Energy)

  • Which BNDES lines for innovation does BDMG transfer in Minas Gerais?


    BDMG is a traditional transferor of several BNDES lines. Specifically for innovation, it goes over:

    • More Innovation: Finame 4.0, Services 4.0k
    • Telecom: Finame Funttel, Finame FUST

  • What is BDMG's relationship with Fapemig?


    BDMG and Fapemig are partners in the Pró-Inovação credit line, which also has the State Secretariat for Economic Development of Minas Gerais managing the program. It is the partnership with these entities in the State public sector that makes such advantageous conditions regarding rates, terms and guarantee requirements possible.

    It is worth emphasizing that BDMG operations are not subsidy (i.e., non-reimbursable). If you are interested in this type of resource, access Fapemig directly at

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