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BDMG offers credit lines for innovation projects.

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If your company fits into one of the situations below,
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  • Financing

    from R$150,000 to R$10 million, depending on the size of the company;

    and up to 80% of the Project Total Value.

  • Grace period

    up to 3 years for the beginning of amortization
  • Amortization

    Up to 8 years
  • Competitive rates

  • X

    No incidence of IOF

Projects for the development of new products, processes, or services, as well as the improvement of existing ones.

Projects being developed in cooperation with companies and Scientific, Technological and Innovation Institutions.
Ex: EMPRAPPII, National Innovation Centers, SIBRATEC, SENAI, etc.

Hiring services for the implementation of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies, through integrators accredited* at FINEP. (Financing the complete solution: Services: Project, installation, maintenance; Software and Hardware).

Specific conditions for projects in the telecommunications sector, in accordance with Art. 1 of Law 10.052/2000.

Acquisition of telecommunication and optical fiber equipment, energy sector, medical-hospital and odontological devices and consumption materials, developed in Brazil, according to the terms of the MCT Ordinance nº 950.

Check out our differentials:

Credit without additional Purchases

Credit without additional Purchases

We do not require any type of additional purchase for credit, such as insurance, investments, among others.

Exclusive business Manager

Exclusive business Manager

Our business managers act as specialized financial advisers.

Differentiated Guarantees

Differentiated Guarantees

We provide differentiated guarantees for all types of projects, always taking into account the financial sustainability of customers.


Do you have a company with high growth potential and socioeconomic impact?

What is it?

BDMG supports innovative companies with high growth potential and socioeconomic impact through FIPs (Equity Investment Funds) managed by market managers. The FIPs provide capital and assist in the management in exchange for participation in the share capital (equity).

Who is it for?

The proposers must offer innovative technological solutions, have differentials in relation to the competition, a structured business model, a large addressable market, and a high-level team willing to grow together with the partners. More information:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My company is interested in receiving equity investment. How can BDMG support me?


    BDMG acts as an investor in some FIPs, (Private Equity Interest Funds) seeking innovative and high potential growth companies to integrate their investment portfolio. Even though in this case the assessment and selection of the companies to invest in are carried out by the manager responsible for the Fund, BDMG can guide you on how to present your company for evaluation and put you in contact with those managers.

  • How does the equity investment via FIP work?


    FIP invests in active proprietary interest in companies. The counterpart for the financial contribution will be an equity investment of the FIP in the share capital or bonds convertible into equity and rights of governance to be agreed between the parties. The investor will actively participate in the development of the expansion plan and will aim at a future divestiture, in general within 5 years.

  • What is considered Innovation for being eligible to the financing lines?


    Each line of funding for innovation in BDMG has its specific characteristics.

    For lines directed to innovative projects, the project needs to include the development of something new, without an equivalent in the market and involving technological challenges and risks.

    For lines aimed at innovative companies, it is necessary to meet preset requirements. In these cases, disruptive and incremental innovations can be financed, including new applications for existing technologies.

  • Who can ask to become eligible to innovation lines?


    Legal entities with CNPJs (Brazilian company registration) in good standing that have projects to be developed in Minas Gerais, regardless of size or activity industry.

  • Does the BDMG finance Micro Businesses using innovation lines?


    Currently, there is no BDMG credit line provided for Single Micro Businesses – MEIs.

  • Does BDMG fund startups?


    There are no impediments to financing startups, as long as they are at the maturity level for inserting their solutions in the market and the consequent forecast for revenue generation.

  • It is necessary to prove how the funds are being invested?


    Is it necessary to prove how the funds are being invested?

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