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BDMG is an agent of sustainable development in Minas Gerais.

In the countryside, industries, small, medium and large businesses or municipalities. Where there is development, innovation and sustainability, the Minas Gerais Development Bank is present. BDMG supports the public and private sectors, offering credit to companies of all sizes and sectors, city halls and municipal public service concessionaires. In addition, the Bank is the official structurer in common concession operations and in models of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).

In line with the best management and governance practices, the Bank's operations are based on: Impact, Competitiveness, Partnership and Results Culture. Its strategy is aligned to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by Brazil and other UN member countries. In this regard, BDMG works continuously to expand its operations in an innovative way, aiming at improving life quality in Minas Gerais.

BDMG. New ideas for development.

Our purpose is turning initiatives into reality to make a difference in the lives of people in Minas Gerais.

BDMG Vision


Being a world reference of development bank impact-focused place.

BDMG Values


  • Making a difference.
  • Innovation.
  • Results orientation.
  • Cooperation.

Beyond the economic sphere, BDMG supports and encourages culture, citizenship and social, environmental and climate responsibility in Minas Gerais in various ways:


The Social, Environmental and Climate Responsibility Policy, approved by the Executive Board of BDMG on August 17, 2022 and by its Board of Directors on August 30, 2022, is a management tool that considers, in an integrated manner, the economic, social and environmental dimensions in operational activities, and also in BDMG's relationship with its clients, employees, shareholders and the community. The policy contemplates, among other aspects, guidelines for:

  • Prioritize the attendance of enterprises with positive social, environmental, and climate externalities;
  • Identify, evaluate and manage social, environmental and climate risk.
  • Guiding social, environmental and climate actions in the Bank's business and in the relationship stakeholders.
  • Promoting strategic actions related to its governance.
  • Adopting internal actions for promoting sustainable development.

Aligned with the criteria determined by the entities responsible for environmental control, the approval of financial support to the projects involving activities which as effectively or potentially polluting, which employ environmental resources, is subject to the presentation of documentation which proves their compliance with environmental licensing regulations.

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Social, Environmental and Climate Policy Annexes
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BDMG Cultural, created in 1988, is an entity which supports and encourages the development of the artistic and cultural scenario of Minas Gerais. With the promotion of events and activities related to fine arts and visual arts; dancing; theater; museums; music; literature and support of historical heritage, the institution has consolidated its position as one of the main patrons of culture in Minas Gerais.

With the promotion of events and activities related to fine arts and visual arts; dancing; theater; museums; music; literature and support of historical heritage, the institution has consolidated its position as one of the main patrons of culture in Minas Gerais.

INDEC Citizenship Institute

INDEC, the BDMG Employee Citizenship Institute, is a non-profit entity, recognized as being of local, state and federal public benefit.

The main objectives of the Institute are:

  • Encourage collective organization and stimulate solidarity.
  • Promote the participation of the community in the management of projects of interest to the population they serve.
  • Develop and support social responsibility projects in needy and at risk areas, working in the fields of education, health, nutrition and environment.
Access the INDEC site

Internal social responsibility

BDMG Responsabilidade Social Interna

BDMG seeks to offer working conditions which promote the valuation and integration of people, in addition to providing a synergic and result-oriented environment. BDMG employees enjoy the following benefits:

  • Supplementary Pension Fund and Private Health Care Plan, administered by the BDMG Foundation of Social Security - DESBAN.
  • Program for compliance with all official standards related to occupational health and safety, and Life Quality Program.
  • Collective Labor Agreement, with employee representation.
  • Program for the promotion of equity in the work environment.

Information is one of the main assets of any organization. For this reason, and in line with the current legislation, BDMG established the Information Security and Cybernetics Policy.


  • I. All information under BDMG's responsibility is owned by the Institution, will be used exclusively in its interest and will be adequately protected due to its level of confidentiality, pursuant to the regulations and legislation inherent to the banking activity.
  • II. Necessary controls and mechanisms will be implemented to ensure the security and protection of data and information throughout its life cycle (creation, storage, handling, transport and disposal), regardless of its format or storage medium.
  • III. Each employee, intern and service provider is responsible for protecting the information, computer resources and information systems used thereby.
  • IV. Customer data will be treated with due confidentiality and under no circumstances will it be provided to third parties, except in cases provided for in the current regulations and legislation or under customer's consent.
  • V. The employee, intern and service provider will only have access to the information, computer resources or information systems that are essential for the exercise of their work activities. This access will be made by means of a unique, personal and non-transferable identification that will enable the traceability of the actions performed.

The Brazilian General Data Protection Law represents a new culture of privacy and data protection. Respecting the individuals, BDMG has its Privacy and Protection of Personal Data Policy that aims to inform how personal data are treated and protected, ensuring transparency.

Person in charge of processing personal data: Adriana Miyoshi

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Access our database of economic studies and reports

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See awards granted by BDMG

Minas Gerais Economy Award

Created in 1988, the Minas Gerais Economy Award represents a partnership between BDMG and the Regional Council of Economics (Corecon-MG). This award has the objective of stimulating study and investigation of themes that are relevant to the economy, by rewarding the best theses submitted by young economics students, approved in a given academic term (Portuguese only).


1º lugar - 2019

Arthur Queiroz (UFMG)

Estratégia de diversificação produtiva: uma proposta para aumentar a complexidade econômica dos estados brasileiros


2º lugar - 2019

Vitória Ferreira de Vasconcelos (UFMG)

Intensidade de emissões de CO2 na economia mineira e opções de mitigação: uma análise regional de insumo-produto


3º lugar - 2019

Gabrielly Ramalho Ferreira (UFJF)

Uma investigação acerca da relação entre a política de redução do IPI e o acesso a automóveis e bens de linha branca


Honorable Mention

Daniel Brito Alves (UNIMONTES)

Educação e Desenvolvimento Econômico: um Estudo para a Região Norte de Minas Gerais, com Ênfase no Ensino Fundamental

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With conscious credit, BDMG is committed to supporting the development of all very small and small enterprises in any region of Minas Gerais.

Why does BDMG talk about offering conscious credit to very small and small businesses?

Because BDMG sees the positive potential of the financing and offers solutions that are growth tools for businesses. Our history of supporting the development of Minas has taught us that the ability to plan and choose the best credit enhance the value of funded capital and results in real benefits for companies.

That is why at BDMG you find:

BDMG Crédito sem contrapartidas

Simplified credit and special conditions

BDMG has competitive rates and maturities, and does not require further compensation. It has specific solutions at even lower rates for regions of low HDI and for companies from the creative economy industry, among others.

Gerentes de negócios exclusivos

Reduced bureaucracy: do everything online

Contracting of a BDMG credit line is simple, and can be done 100% online for companies with a turnover of up to R$ 30 million/year; just run a simulation and send your proposal.

BDMG Viabilizamos garantias diferenciadas

Financial education

In our blog and on our Facebook page, we produce useful content to improve the management of your company.

Download the fee and refund table:

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