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Four credit lines to boost the widest variety of projects



Clean energy and improvement of public buildings.



Urban infrastructure.



Water, sewage and solid waste services.



Machinery, equipment and vehicles.

Rates from 0.41% - 0.53% per month (+Selic), payment between 60 and 90 months, special terms for cities with HDI below the state average.
And more: fast process, 100% digital enabled.

Our customers say...

New BDMG Municipalities Notice 2021

  • Beneficiaries: municipal cities in Minas Gerais.
  • Funding limit by municipality.

Population Range

(number of inhabitants - IBGE CENSUS 2010)

Funding Limit


Up to 5,000 inhabitants

R$ 1,000,000.00

From 5,001 - 10,000

R$ 1.500.000,00

From 10,001 - 40,000

R$ 2.000.000,00

From 40,001 - 100,000

R$ 3.000.000,00

Over 100,000

R$ 5.000.000,00

  • Schedule





Submission of the Proposal through the BDMG Digital platform




Enabling the Digital Proposal




Submission of the municipal granting law regarding funding and documents for preparation of PVL








Execution of the Funding Agreement


BDMG e Municipality


Submitting the first engineering project

For the BDMG MAQ line:
Submission of the first bidding procedure for the purchase of the financed machine or equipment

Up to 12 months from execution



Authorization for starting the works

For the BDMG MAQ line:
Authorization for invoicing the machine or equipment

No deadline



Measurements, disbursements and follow-up

In accordance with the schedule tendered



Registration must be made exclusively on the BDMG website in the field "access your Digital BDMG". After submitting the requested information on the platform, a "confirmation” message will be displayed. This means that the proposal has been successfully registered and is already under review. You do not need to contact BDMG by phone or email to confirm. The submission must be made up to the deadline laid down in the notice.

If the Municipality is not registered in the portal, click on this link to register.

Attention! The execution of credit operations will be bind on the availability of an annual global credit limit to public segment agencies and entities, set forth by the National Monetary Council for financial institutions, according to Resolution No. 4,589 of June 29, 2017, of the Central Bank.

Name Download

Faster, less bureaucracy! For the first time, the city's qualification process will be done 100% online through BDMG'S digital platform.

Click on the video and watch how simple the process is

Now, BDMG will review your funding application.

Please read the notice carefully to find out the available credit lines and the general rules for qualification.

Terms for the qualification of proposals

a) Being in time with the accounting reports approved in the SICONFI and SICOM and CAUC systems.

b) The tenderer's indebtedness ability.

c) Compliance with the Legal Limits provided for in the Fiscal Responsibility Law and Resolutions 40 and 43 of 2001, of the Federal Senate, including with regard to personnel expenses.

d) Classification of the object to be funded, according to BDMG rules.

e) Do not have registration and financial restriction or relevant pending issues at BACEN, SPC, SERASA or BDMG itself.

f) No pending issues in previous projects funded by BDMG.

How we will contact the municipality after the analysis of the proposal

The Municipality will be able to check the status of its proposal at BDMG Digital and will receive the Qualification Terms in the registered emails. This BDMG announcement is what will determine the successful completion of the first phase of registration and is a condition for the beginning of the approval process of the Application for Verification of Limits and Conditions (PVL) of the credit operation by the National Treasury Department (STN).

Pending issues can be opened for clarification or corrections of submitted information during the analysis of the proposal. In this case, the registered contacts will be communicated by e-mail, but we also suggest that the municipality regularly consult the BDMG DIGITAL, so that the pending issues are solved in a timely manner.

When your proposal is qualified, the BDMG will support your municipality so that the claim is classified with the National Treasury Department (STN).

The execution of credit operations by States, Federal District and Municipalities, including their Municipalities, Foundations and Dependent State Enterprises, is subject to the rules of Complementary Law No. 101, of 05/04/2000 (Fiscal Responsibility Law – LRF) and to The Resolutions of the Federal Senate No. 40 and 43, of 2001.

The documentation required by the National Treasury Department (STN – an agency of the Department of Finance, and the procedures for obtaining a favorable opinion to the Application for Verification of Limits and Conditions (PVL) are described in the Manual for The Instruction of Claims (MIP), made available by the Department of the National Treasury.

BDMG will provide support to the municipality so that the documentation required by STN is provided with speed and in its entirety, meeting the legal and operational requirements observed by STN in its analysis.

After submitting the Qualification Term by BDMG, the user must submit the documents below:

Name Download

Granting Law

The BDMG makes available to the municipalities draft laws granting approval in the City Council. As the conditions change in each line of funding of the Notice, a law must be approved for each claim of the municipality. If any change is required in the draft of the granting law, prior consultation at BDMG must be made by sending an e-mail to .

Approval of Accounting Reports

The user must approve accounting reports in Siconfi at the request of the National Treasury Department (STN).
Click here and access.

Deadlines for Approval of Accounting Reports in Chronological Order





Previous year



2nd semester



3rd quarter



6th Bimester



1st bimester


Annual balance sheet

Previous year



1st; four-month



2nd bimester



1st semester



3rd Bimester



2nd quarter



4th bimester



5th Bimester


Municipalities that have the funding agreement executed with BDMG must submit to the Bank the project to be funded.
After approval of the project, the bidding process must be forwarded to BDMG, as guidelines below.

Project and Bidding of Work

In this phase, the analysis of the project will be carried out, which must be submitted by BDMG Digital for analysis by the engineering team, according to the notice deadline.

The requirements of the project booklet that will be provided by BDMG must be observed. After the assessment of the project by the engineering team, the authorization will be issued to carry out the bidding of the work, always observing the requirements of Law No. 8.666/1993 or Law No. 10.520/2001

We emphasize that the bidding must be made only after the issuance of the Authorization to Bid, submitted by BDMG.

Download the Project Booklet (files below):

Name Download

Work Bidding

BDMG will check the bidding procedure carried out by the municipality. The result of the bidding must be submitted by BDMG Digital Municipalities. The following must be submitted: approval, award (BDMG template) and service delivery agreement, in addition to the Statement of Compliance with Law No. 8,666/93, according to the template below:

Name Download

It is up to the Municipality to comply with the applicable legislation and the regularity of the bidding and execution procedure, and BDMG is not liable for this process, under any capacity.

The authorization for the starting of work or invoicing of machine or equipment does not guarantee the release of the planned installments, which is conditional on compliance with the provisions of the funding agreement.

Authorization for Starting the Works

After verification of the bidding process, the authorization will be issued for the start of the works and/or the acquisition of asset.

Once PVL is approved, the funding agreement will be issued.
Please read the notice carefully to know the available credit lines and the general rules for execution.

Name Download

The execution of the credit operation is subject to:

  • Availability of an annual global credit limit to public sector agencies and entities, according to Resolution No. 4,589 of June 29, 2017, of the Central Bank;
  • The bidder's indebtedness: approval of the Application for Verification of Limits and Conditions (PVL) of the credit operation;
  • Credit and risk analysis of the municipality, according to BDMG criteria;
  • Registration regularity of the municipality;
  • Technical and financial delinquency of the municipality at BDMG.

The execution and release of funding are impediments to registration pending in SIAFI/MG, CADIP, SAHEM, FGTS, State Revenue and Federal Revenue and CAUC.

The date of issuance of the funding agreement by BDMG shall be deemed for the counting of grace and amortization periods.
The execution of the funding agreement does not guarantee the release of the planned installments, which is conditional on compliance with the provisions of the funding agreement.

After entering into the agreement and authorization for the start of works and/or acquisition of asset, the municipality must forward the measurement, according to the guidelines below. ​​​​​​​

The general conditions for the release of funds are:

  • Formal authorization of BDMG for the start of work and/or acquisition of the asset;
  • No relevant registration restriction, at the discretion of the BDMG, related to the municipality;
  • Submitting to BDMG the measurement resulting from the works, as well as proof of application of the funds already released;
  • Proof of fiscal regularity at SIAFI-MG - Integrated System of Financial Administration of the State of Minas Gerais;
  • Regularity of the municipality at the Internal Revenue Service;
  • No occurrence of an economic and financial nature that, at BDMG'S discretion, may compromise the execution of the funded enterprise in order to change it or make it impossible to carry it out.
  • Proof of display of the sign related to the financial collaboration obtained, according to the template available on the BDMG website, in a visible way at the site of the realization of the funded project.
  • The regular progress of the work, according to the schedule submitted to BDMG.


The release of fund for the works shall be carried out after the analysis of the measurements submitted to BDMG. You must download the files below, complete and submit by BDMG Digital Municipalities (for agreements entered with the Bank from 2020) or to the address (for agreements entered with the Bank by 2019).

Name Download


The release of funds for works will be carried out after the analysis of the additives submitted to the BDMG. You must download the files below, fill and send them via BDMG Digital Municipalities (for contracts signed with the Bank from 2020) or to the address (for contracts signed with the Bank until 2019 )

Name Download


The release of funds for machines / equipment will be carried out after analyzing the process submitted to BDMG. You must download the files below, fill and send them via BDMG Digital Municipalities (for contracts signed with the Bank from 2020) or to the address (for contracts signed with the Bank until 2019 )

Name Download

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of products can be funded by the Municipalities Notice 2021?


    Works and purchase of equipment can be funded, i.e., investments in infrastructure, as well as sanitation projects. It is not possible to use the fund of the notice for costs of the public administration.

  • What credit lines are available by the Municipalities Notice 2021 and what are their main purposes?


    BDMG CIDADES SUSTENTÁVEIS - Energy efficiency projects, energy generation, smart cities and construction works, expansion and/ or remodeling of municipal public buildings.

    BDMG URBANIZA - Urban mobility and urban drainage works.

    BDMG SANEAMENTO - Works of Water Supply Systems, Sewage Systems, Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Systems and Sanitation Projects.

    BDMG MAQ - Road machinery and paving equipment; truck chassis; trailers; tractors, buses, rescue units and ambulances.

  • Who can register my municipality in the BDMG notice 2021?


    Any representative legally appointed by the City Hall may complete the registration of the proposal in BDMG Digital, except the SCR Statement that must be accepted by the mayor himself and confirmed the submission, by the date provided for in the Municipalities BDMG Notice 2021.

  • What will be the amount of the fund executed?


    The contract will be issued with the amount applied in the proposal and in accordance with the Authorization Law and the PVL Granted by the National Treasury Department. In case of any change in amount throughout the process, the agreement shall be issued with the updated amount.

  • At what phase can I submit my project for BDMG to review it?


    The project can be submitted by BDMG Digital as soon as the funding operation has been executed.

  • Can I change the type of funding during the process?


    The municipality can change the credit line only in the registration period, being necessary to fill out a new Consultation Letter at BDMG digital stating the new funding line requested.

  • What must be included in my Authorizing Law so the STN requirements are met?


    The BDMG provides a template of Law, which must be approved in the Municipality Council, already including the items verified by the STN.

  • How many funding lines can I plead for?


    The municipality can apply for all funding lines simultaneously, provided that it has payment capacity and that the total amount fits in according to the limits of the notice.