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Our customer may consult us about information regarding your contract and even request renegotiation or new financing.

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For those who ran a simulation and wish to follow up on the progress of their proposal in a quick and safe way.

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Diversify your performance and make your corporate client base loyal by offering
the best financing conditions in the market.

  • Acting

    Attracting customers, receiving and forwarding credit proposals from MPEs from Minas Gerais, as well as collecting information and complementary documents necessary for the operation.

  • Target

    Financial institutions, class entities, accounting offices, consulting firms, finance companies and other companies that relate to a large number of MPEs.

  • Remuneration

    Proportional to the volume of credit released.

  • Benefits

    • New source of revenue for your business.
    • Add value to your customers.
    • Processes carried out through a digital, simple and agile platform.
    • BDMG operational, technical and commercial support.

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Credit Cooperatives

BDMG offers resources for your credit cooperative to finance directly with rural producers in your region, expand its operations and retain its customer base (persons or companies) with new products and the best financing conditions on the market.

  • Performance

    Transfer model with each cooperative acting as a financial agent for BDMG.

  • Target Audience

    Rural producers, individuals and companies, with annual revenues of up to R$ 16 million.

  • Remuneration

    Defined by BDMG, according to the line available in the performance model.

  • Benefits

    • Diversification and complementation of the source of funds;
    • Excellent financial conditions;
    • Fast hiring process;
    • Monitoring the application of the low-cost resource, when existing;
    • Request for release of resources, agile and unbureaucratic;
    • Model already tested and in operation.

Don't miss the opportunity to get fast credit and
in excellent conditions.

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For those who are not yet clients and want to learn more about the bank, our products and also about the progress of a request for funding.

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0800 283 8337

For you who already are our client and have contracted a credit line.


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