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Partner: Parceiro Sebrae

Financial Education for MPE clients

The accessible credit of BDMG combined with Sebrae´s experience in financial qualification. Two forces committed to add competitiveness for very small and small companies to overcome the market challenges. Learn about the ASSISTED CREDIT guided credit program and get ahead of the competition!

Partner: Parceiro Sebrae Selo Treinamento Gratuito

BDMG Client, strengthen your business with the free and exclusive content of Sebrae for high-impact financial management.

Customer registration from 8/31

What is it?

ASSISTED CREDIT provides BDMG clients with series of on-line trainings free of charge and with no counter parties required. These are technical information, good practices, analyses by specialists and opportunities for instructing and consulting developed by Sebrae for you to improve the management and the position of your MPE on the market.

Who it is for?

For very small and small companies with annual revenues up to R$ 4.8 million, members of the BDMG client chain, interested in aggregating knowledge about new strategies, planning, key data or good ideas.

How does it work?

You can choose three levels of content free of charge, according to the specific need of your business or the degree of complexity of your demand. It is flexibility and knowledge to generate effective results!

ícone de operações matemáticas BASIC

Introduction concepts for control of cash; payables and receivables; determination of result.

ícone monetário Intermediary

Concepts and applications of cash flow; sale price; financial controls.

ícone grafico de crescimento Advanced

Concepts and applications of profitability calculation; balance point calculation; yield calculation; calculation of the time for return on investment (payback).

Interested in strengthening your business?
Don't lose time!

Customer registration from 8/31

Did you know?

BDMG´s partner – Sebrae, facilitates the credit your MPE needs!

OFAMPE (Very Small and Small Companies Guarantee Fund), instituted by Sebrae, is used by BDMG in its operations. By means of this fund, Sebrae works as a complementary guarantor of the financing, allowing you to leverage your enterprise secured by a better guarantee. Learn more about FAMPE here.