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Commitment to Minas Gerais

In a year of many challenges, BDMG excelled in making a difference in the lives of the people of MG and achieved historic results:


Largest general disbursement ever

R$ 2.85 billion, 73% of which came
from own resources.

Micro and Small Business segment

which received R$ 906.2 million and was the one that grew the most compared to 2019 (+ 343%)

Highest number of customers served ever

13,462, between companies of all sizes and municipal governments, distributed among 686 cities, 85% of them with HDI lower than the Brazilian average.

and Uai Massas

and Amigão Móveis

BDMG and Mercearia
Santa Cruz

and Petjet


In view of the context imposed by the pandemic, BDMG promptly mobilized itself on three articulated action fronts:

ensure the well-being of employees, countercyclical as well as the continuity of the operations.

develop anticyclical proposals for business, with the creation of new lines of credit and fee reduction, to provide more liquidity to the market.

keep the Bank’s financial sustainability.

Acyclical performance throughout the year


  • enhancement of the external fraud prevention methodology.


  • revision of the portfolio with the creation of 3 emergency products for the Health sector;
  • Fungetur in easier conditions;
  • flexibilization of deadlines for delivery of documents, simplification of legal procedures and instruments.


  • R$ 100 million increase in the credit limit available via FGI, from BNDES;
  • improved credit risk reporting;
  • flexibilization of deadlines for the delivery of documents and records, simplification of legal procedures and instruments;
  • Minas Gerais women entrepreneurs with easier conditions.


  • automation solutions at BDMG Digital: speeding agreements with customers;
  • State Government announces the contribution of R$ 100 mi;
  • enhancement of the MSBs credit limit calculation.


  • adherence to PEAC (BNDES);
  • adherence to FGO Pronampe. Second qualified financial institution in the country;


  • special conditions for renegotiation: standstill;


  • announcement of the 2nd phase of Pronampe ;
  • launching of BDMG Giro Fácil Emergencial.


  • BDMG Agro Emergencial and BDMG CPR Emergencial.
estimate based on the “Matrix Input-Product” methodology, from the João Pinheiro Foundation.


R$ 1.94 billion

added to mining production.


stimulated jobs.

R$ 77.4 million

generated in ICMS.

In the health sector, BDMG's financing contributed to:

manufacturing of 500 thousand rapid tests for COVID-19.

distribution of 700 thousand gloves.

assistance to 978 health institutions.

construction of 40 health centers in the Primary Care Network.

and Hospital Lifecenter

and VMI Médica

and Centerlab


57% of disbursement in line with Sustainable Development Goals (UN), that frame the Bank's operating strategy.

BDMG knows the value that local development has in building the world we want. Thus, it connects major global agendas, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to the profile of its projects and financing. Always looking for effective and measurable socio-environmental impact.

57% do desembolso em sintonia com os Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (ONU), que emolduram a estratégia de atuação do Banco. 57% do desembolso em sintonia com os Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (ONU), que emolduram a estratégia de atuação do Banco.

R$ 97.8 million for solar photovoltaic energy and small hydropower projects, 67% increase over 2019.

Energy generation potential equivalent to the average annual consumption of 28 thousand households.

First Brazilian public bank to issue Sustainable Bonds, in the amount of US$ 50 million, to finance social and / or environmental projects.

First Brazilian public bank to issue Sustainable Bonds, in the amount of US$ 50 million, to finance social and / or environmental projects.


R$ 198.5 million for
projects in 279 municipalities in Minas Gerais, 56% increase over 2019.

Platform for structuring concession projects:

  • Batch Ouro Preto (highway);
  • Conservation units of the Rota das Grutas Peter Lund;
  • Tourist complex of Poços de Caldas.


R$ 953 million for agriculture, with emphasis on the coffee economy.

R$ 50.7 million for tourism, via Fungetur.

R$ 31.2 million to stimulate female entrepreneurship.

R$ 16.9 million for projects in the innovation area.

and Logpyx

BDMG and Clínica

Largest volume of funds raised ever

R$ 2.3 billion, mainly from partnerships with multilateral fostering organs.


BDMG deepened its relationship with international partners to further diversify its sources of funds, preserving financial strength.

BDMG has evolved day after day. A dynamic institution, which seeks to understand and build the future with relevant solutions for today's challenges and tomorrow's questions.

Search for new paths, make better choices and transform concepts of planning and work into a lasting and transformative impact.

This is our commitment.
BDMG. New ideas for development.

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