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Check out how BDMG strengthens the public segment in Minas Gerais

Funding to municipalities

Technical advice for regular concessions and PPP projects

Rio Doce

BDMG - Financiamento Municípios

Funding Municipalities


Provide BDMG credit to the municipalities of Minas Gerais in order to:


  • Make feasible urban infrastructure works, purchase of machinery and equipment, renewable energy projects, improvements to public buildings, basic sanitation and much more.
  • Assistance to municipalities in a state of urgency or disaster to retake economic activity.
  • Support for public investments in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Who can request it?

City hall of municipalities of all sizes and regions from Minas Gerais.


Notice of municipalities

Fast and with accessible conditions, BDMG provides credit lines that support the development of municipalities in Minas Gerais on many fronts:


  • Urban infrastructure works, such as squares, bike paths, signaling, etc.;
  • Acquisition of road machinery and paving equipment, trucks and tractors;
  • Construction, expansion or remodeling of municipal public buildings;
  • Renewable energy generation projects, energy efficiency and smart cities;
  • Mobility and urban drainage;
  • Water supply, sewage and solid waste solutions.


We know that more speed and less bureaucracy are important differentials in the day-to-day relationships with a bank. On that, we built a new way of relationship with the municipalities, fully digital and practical.

Learn about the features and how to access BDMG Digital:

It’s very easy! By registering on the BDMG Digital platform, the municipality will now have:

  • Monitoring of all its funding phases by e-mail;
  • Query to the outstanding balance;
  • Issuance of the 2nd route of billet and extract of funding;
  • Registration of projects, bids, measurements and additives.
  • Credit limit quote (coming soon);
  • Funding application (coming soon).

It is very easy to request the registration for your municipality in BDMG Digital and have access to all features.

Register the mayor and city manager now and simplify the processes.

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BDMG - assessoria de municípios

Technical advice for regular concession and PPP projects

Within the scope of Minas Gerais, BDMG is the structuring of the joint concession and public- private partnership (PPP) operations – sponsored and administrative.

The bank provides technical support to city halls and municipal public consortia throughout the steps required for structures and calls for biddings. It also offers support to carry out processes in the following areas: methodology, legal, and economic-financial.

Poços de Caldas Tour Circuit

In partnership with the Municipality of Poços de Caldas, BDMG supervised the structuring of the concession project for the management and operation of the Integrated Tourist Circuit of the city. There are four tourist assets: the Complexo Turístico Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer Tourist Complex), which includes the city’s cable car; the Fonte dos Amores (Fountain of Love); the Recanto Japonês (Japanese Nore); and the Complexo Turístico Véu das Noivas (Bride´s Veil Tourist Complex). The Bank carried out all feasibility studies, formatting of the notice and public queries, and the bidding process is still ongoing. It is estimated that the winning company will economically explore the spaces for 35 years, creating investments of around R$ 39 million for the municipality.

Peter Lund Caves Route

In the sustainable tourism industry, BDMG undertook feasibility studies for the first public concession under the State Government’s State Parks Concession Program (Parc). It is the “Lund Route”, a complex made up by the Sumidouro State Park (Pedro Leopoldo and Lagoa Santa), in addition to the state natural monuments Gruta Rei do Mato (Sete Lagoas) and Peter Lund (Cordisburgo). In March 2021, the Consortium Gestão Parques MG – Urbanes – B21 (Management Parks MG – Urbanes – B21) was approved winner of the bid and will be in charge for managing the tourist and environmental assets for 25 years. Investments of R$ 12 million are planned, also savings of R$ 4 million/year for public vault.

Ouro Preto Road Batch

In April 2020, BDMG concluded a cooperation agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and a service delivery contract with the Department of State for Infrastructure and Mobility to structure the “Ouro Preto” road batch concession. The studies include excerpts that cover the municipalities of Brumadinho, Ouro Preto, Mariana, Viçosa, Rio Casca, among others, as part of the State Program of Road Concessions. The purpose is to enable private investments in the state road mesh network and strengthen the logistics infrastructure of Minas Gerais, with a positive impact on the quality of roads, trafficability and safety of users. It is estimated that the public consultation will take place in 2021.

mapa de minas gerais
BDMG works to support and strengthen cities from Minas Gerais.

The funding lines for the public segment provide conditions to support the municipal administration in making investments necessary to the city's infrastructure, without compromising the financial health of the municipality.

BDMG - assessoria de municípios

Rio Doce

The Renova foundation, BDMG and BANDES have come together to support the municipalities most affected by the Fundão dam rupture.

Municipalities of the Rio Doce Basin

On November 5, 2015, the tailings dam of a mining called “Fundão ” was ruptured in the Bento Rodrigues Subdistrict, 35 km from the downtown of the municipality of Mariana, Minas Gerais. The rupture of the Fundão dam is considered the industrial disaster that caused the biggest environmental impact in Brazilian history, and the biggest in the world involving tailings dams, with a total dumped volume of 62 million cubic meters. The slurry reached the Rio Doce, which watershed covers 230 municipalities in the states of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, many of which supply their population with water from this river.

In order to perform the programs of repair, restoration and socioeconomic and socio-environmental recovery in the areas impacted by the Fundão dam rupture, the Renova Foundation was created. Since 2017, BDMG has worked as a funding agent in socioeconomic programs related to the economic promotion of the Rio Doce region – Desenvolve Rio Doce, Compete Rio Doce, Diversifica Mariana and the Socio-Environmental Program for sewage collection and treatment and disposal of solid waste (PG31) in the 35 municipalities of the mining area of Renova’s operations.

The Sewage Collection and Solid Waste Disposal Treatment program provides financial funding to municipalities for the preparation of basic sanitation plans, sewage system projects, implementation of sewage collection and treatment works, eradication of open dumps and implementation of regional landfills. Investments of around R$ 390 million are planned in 35 municipalities in Minas Gerais, out of the total of R$ 500 million that include the municipalities of Espírito Santo.

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