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BDMG supports and encourages the growth of cities in Minas Gerais. Check out our services for the public sector:

Financing to Municipalities

Technical consulting for projects of common concessions and PPP

Rio Doce

BDMG - Financiamento Municípios

Financing Municipalities


Providing BDMG credit to city halls from Minas Gerais for:


  • Making feasible infrastructure works, machinery, equipment purchase, among others;
  • Aid to cities under a state of public emergency or urgency, so they can restore their economic activities;
  • Support to city municipalities investing in projects related to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

Who can request it?

City halls from Minas Gerais.

We offer credit lines for cities of all sizes, regardless of how many inhabitants they have.


How does it work?

Calls for tenders and permanent credit lines are provided. Check the following options and see how to apply:

Call for financing to Minas Gerais city halls

Offering customized assistance and expertise, BDMG provides diversified credit lines that support cty halls on several fronts:


  • Purchase of road machinery and paving equipment, trucks, and tractors;
  • Construction, expansion or renovation of municipal public buildings;
  • Energy efficiency project;
  • Urban mobility and drainage;
  • Water supply, sewer and solid residues solutions.

We want to make cities stronger and contribute to the quality of life improvement for those who live in Minas Gerais.

BDMG Solidário Municípios

BDMG Solidário Municípios is a financing line for cities under a state of public emergency or urgency. We offer accessible and prompt credit so they can restore their economic activities with investments on:


  • Paving
  • Renovations of municipal public buildings;
  • Water supply systems and sewer and urban solid residues treatment;
  • Urban infrastructure and drainage;
  • Machinery and equipment.

We have special conditions: 5% ** and 6% per year + Selic [Special System for Settlement and Custody] with payment up to 84 months, including a 12 month grace period


*Eligibility condition to BDMG Solidário Municípios: cities of Minas Gerais under a state of public emergency or urgency recognized by the Federal Government can request the financing. For framework purposes of the City affected by the natural disaster outlined in the Line, a due date of six (6) months from the publishing date of a state of public emergency or urgency recognition Ordinance in the Official Gazette will be observed, and the financing request protocol with BDMG should be made within this period, for certification purposes. If a bidding process is exempted, the city should observe what is outlined in article 24, IV, Law no. 8.666/93 and other provisions. Loans subject to credit analysis and availability. Conditions may change.

** For cities with HDI-M [Human Development Index for Cities] lower than the average of HDI-M indexes of the cities in the State of Minas Gerais.

BDMG Sustainability

Aware of its mission, BDMG supports municipal governments that invest in projects related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The BDMG Sustainability line finances up to 100% of projects in the areas of:


  • Energy efficiency;
  • Smart cities;
  • Renewable and clean energy generation, including distributed generation (DG);
  • Sanitation - water, sewage, solid waste.

The total term is up to 72 months, including a grace period of up to 18 months. The interest rate* is 6% per year, and municipalities with an HDI lower than the Minas Gerais average have even lower rates: 5% per year. Find out more by clicking here.

To request financing, fill out the consultation letter and send it to:

*Monetary adjustment by SELIC.



We know that more agility and less bureaucracy are important features in bank-related activities. Thinking it over, we have created a new, 100% digital and practical way to communicate with the city halls.

Know the available functions and learn how to access Digital BDMG:

It is very simple! When you register into Digital BDMG, the city hall will start receiving the following support:

  • Follow-up of all financing phases by e-mail;
  • The outstanding balance can be always checked up;
  • The second copy of financing payment slips and statements can be issued;
  • Registration of projects, biddings, records, and amendments;
  • Credit limit simulation (soon);
  • Financing request (soon).

It is easy to request a registration for your city hall at Digital BDMG in order to access all available functions.

The mayor or municipal manager should get their registrations done asap to simplify their processes.

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BDMG - assessoria de municípios

Technical consulting for projects of common concessions and PPP

BDMG is responsible for structuring common concessions and Public-Private (both sponsored or administrative) Partnership (PPP) operations in Minas Gerais.

The bank provides technical support to city halls and municipal public consortia throughout the steps required for structures and calls for biddings. It also offers support to carry out processes in the following areas: methodology, legal, and economic-financial.

Public Hearing of the Touristic Circuit in Poços de Caldas

The concession model includes management and improvement liabilities and the operation of four tourist attractions: Cristo Redentor Touristic Complex, which includes the city’s cable car; Fonte dos Amores; Recanto Japonês, and Véu das Noivas Touristic Complex. The call is based on a feasibility study carried out by BDMG.

The proposed model was created in a joint effort of BDMG and the Municipal Government, and it sets forth that the winning company will assume these places and operate the four tourist attractions in an integrated manner. 39 million reais in investments are anticipated. On the other hand, the winning company may profit from these spaces for 35 years.

Doubts and suggestions: Click here and access the documents.

Public inquiry and hearing for Peter Lund Cavern Road

Between December 18, 2019, and February 21, 2020, a public inquiry was held, and the population and market gave their opinions on the concession of the parks. In the public hearing, held on January 31, the interested parties clarified doubts and gave opinions on the project.

​BDMG is participating in the project for the concession of three conservation units of the Peter Lund Cavern Road, which is part of the Concessions Program at State Parks (Parc). The concession, which is also the first in the environmental area of the State, should be granted for 25 years and includes the use of the areas for touristic purposes, such as lodgings, food, leisure, and adventure activities and souvenir sales. The road is comprised of the Sumidouro State Park, in Lagoa Santa and Pedro Leopoldo; the Natural Monument Peter Lund, in Cordisbugo; and the Natural Monument Rei do Mato Cavern, in Sete Lagoas. The project modeling was performed by BDMG with the participation of other institutions that are also included in the Program.

Right now, adjustments are being made in the minutes of the bidding documents, as well as internal procedures to publish the bid, which should be announced soon.

Ouro Preto Road Lot

BDMG entered into a partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Government of the State of Minas Gerais, supported by the State Department of Infrastructure and Mobility (Seinfra), which aims at structuring the concession project of the “Ouro Preto” road lot, including the cities of Brumadinho, Itabirito, Ouro Preto, Mariana, Ponte Nova, Rio Casca, and Viçosa, in the scope of the Programa Estadual de Concessões Rodoviárias [State Program of Road Concessions].

The concession’s purpose is to enable private investments in the state road network, with a positive impact on the quality of the roads, good traffic conditions, and the safety of the users. It is estimated that the lot concession results in investments of 1 billion reais, also providing a greater economic dynamism for the region and encouraging tourism.

mapa de minas gerais
BDMG supports and makes cities stronger in Minas Gerais.

Our financing lines for the public sector offer conditions to support the municipalities investments for infrastructure, without compromising its financial health.

BDMG - assessoria de municípios

Rio Doce

Fundação Renova, BDMG, and BANDES entered into a partnership to support the cities that were most affected by the Fundão Tailing Dam disaster.

Cities of Rio Doce Basin

On November 5, 2015, the “Fundão” Tailing Dam flooded in the subdistrict of Bento Rodrigues, 35 km from the center of the city of Mariana, Minas Gerais. The Fundão tailings dam flood is considered the industrial disaster that caused the biggest environmental impact in Brazilian history, and the biggest in the world involving tailings dams, with a total volume of 62 million cubic meters discharged. The leaked mud got to Rio Doce, with a drainage basis that covers 230 cities of the states of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo – their populations are partly supplied by the river’s waters.

In order to carry out social-economic and social-environmental recovery in the areas affected by the Fundão tailings dam, Fundação Renova was created. Since 2017, BDMG has been the financial agent for the social-economic programs related to the economic dynamism of the Rio Doce region – Desenvolve Rio Doce, Compete Rio Doce, Diversifica Mariana, and the Social-Environment Program for sewage and solid waste destination collection and treatment (PG31) in the 35 cities of the Minas Gerais areas covered by Renova.

The Sewage and Solid Waste Destination Collection and Treatment program provides financial resources to the cities so they can create basic sanitation plans, sanitary sewer system projects, implementation of sewage treatment and collection works, eradication of dumps and implementation of regional landfills. Investments of 390 million reais are anticipated for 35 cities of Minas Gerais out of a total of 500 million reais which includes the cities of Espírito Santo.

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