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You can count on BDMG business managers to design the most appropriate funding to achieve goals such as:

BDMG Expansão ou modernização

Deployment, expansion or modernization

It's time to take that project to improve your space or open new branches out of the drawer.

BDMG Capital de giro

Working capital

Face any situation, whether it is an opportunity or a momentary cash flow challenge.

BDMG Compra de máquinas e equipamentos

Purchase of machinery and equipment

Invest in the modernization of your equipment to increase the productivity of your company.

BDMG Exportação e importação

Exportation and importation

Have the necessary support to export your products or import raw material from where you need them.

BDMG Pesquisa e desenvolvimento

Research and Development

Keep your research and development project fully operational with long-term funding.

BDMG Inovação


Access specific lines of credit for innovation in processes, products, or services.


The success of your company is the main goal of BDMG

BDMG is committed to supporting the development of companies in Minas Gerais, so that they can grow and positively impact the economy and society as a whole. That is why the success of your business is BDMG's success.


Streamlining BNDES onlendings

In addition to offering several lines of financing of its own, BDMG has the agility and expertise in onlending the various BNDES financing lines to Minas Gerais companies. Talk to us to learn about the opportunities available.

Talk to a business manager

Innovation-specific credit lines

At BDMG, your company has specific credit lines for innovation and specialized consultancy in the field, which guarantees optimization of the resources and results achieved.

Visit the innovation credits page

Why does BDMG talk about customized credit solutions for largest companies in Minas Gerais?

Because BDMG knows that large businesses need a tailor-made structured operation. That's why our business managers are experts in designing financial solutions from our own credit lines, combined with the onlending of BNDES financing lines. This specialized consultancy is also supported by BDMG's in-depth knowledge of Minas Gerais economy, and they have the expertise to analyze and allow for tailored collaterals.

BDMG Crédito sem contrapartidas

Credit without consideration

The success of your business is the success of BDMG. Therefore, we do not ask for any kind of consideration for credit, such as insurance, applications, etc.

BDMG Gerentes de negócios exclusivos

Exclusive business managers

Our business managers act as financial advisors, and will put together the most appropriate financial transaction for your company.

BDMG Viabilizamos garantias diferenciadas

We allow for tailored collaterals

BDMG stands out for its expertise in analyzing and providing differentiated guarantees for all types of projects, always taking into account the financial sustainability of its clients.

If your company is in Minas Gerais and needs credit, be sure to talk to one of our business managers.

BDMG will design a customized credit solution for your business.

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