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New BDMG 2019 Tender for Municipalities

  • Beneficiaries: Minas Gerais city or town administrations.
  • Financing limit per municipality.

Population range

(number of inhabitants - 2010 IBGE CENSUS)

Financing Limit


Up to 5,000 inhabitants

R$ 1.000.000,00

From 5,001 to 10,000

R$ 1.500.000,00

From 10,001 to 40,000

R$ 2.000.000,00

From 40,001 to 100,000

R$ 3.000.000,00

Over 100,000

R$ 5.000.000,00

  • Time table




Request for letter of interest registration



Tender qualification by BDMG



ProtoRegistration at BDMG of the law that authorizes financing contracting



Registration of PVL relating to the credit operation for approval at the Brazilian Department of Treasury Secretary



Registration of the project to be financing for BDMG analysis

(It will be possible to present project(s) after the Authorizing Law is registered)



Registration of documents relating to the tender procedure for the works/equipment to be financed



Registration at BDMG of documents required for the first contract disbursement


Application validation

The application will be validated upon receipt by BDMG of the request for letter of interest completed and signed by the mayor. The request must be sent by the deadline laid down in the tender, namely, June 14, 2019, exclusively to the following address:​​​​​​

Complementary Information on BDMG Urbaniza credit line

Item 1.I.b of the Tender lays down "paving of urban roads already equipped with water and sewage utilities, or whose utilities are considered in the proposal” as items that can be financed.

This item can be altered if one of the following requirements is met:

i - The road has a customized technological solution for sanitary sewage (septic tank) utility.

ii - There is a collection network installed on the sidewalks.

Now, BDMG will review your funding request.

Please read the announcement carefully to know the available credit lines and the general rules for qualification.

Conditions for the qualification of tenders

a) To be up to date with the accounting reports approvedin THE SICONFI AND SICOM systems.

b) The tenderer's indebtedness capacity.

c) Compliance with the legal limits of indebtedness provided for in theFederal Senate's 43 R solution.

d) Framing of the object to be financed, according to the rules of the BDMG.

e) Cadastral and financial compliance with BDMG.

f) Absence of disputes in previous projects financed by BDMG.

How will we contact you after you have enabled the proposal?

The BDMG will communicate, by e-mail, the receipt of the completed and signed consultation letter. This communiqué from BDMG is what will determine the successful completion of the first stage of enrollment. The formal communication of the qualification by the bank is a condition for the initiation of the approval process of the request for verification of limits and Conditions (PVL) of the credit operation by the National Treasury Secretariat (STN).

When its proposal is enabled, BDMG will support its municipality so that the claim is framed by the National Treasury Secretariat (STN).

The hiring of credit operations by States, Federal district and municipalities, including their local authorities, foundations and dependent state companies, is subordinates to the rules of Supplementary Law No. 101, of 04/05/2000 (Law of responsibility Tax – LRF) and the resolutions of the Federal Senate no. 40 and 43, of 2001.

The documentation required by the secretariat of the National Treasury-STN-organ of the Ministry of Finance, and the procedures for obtaining a favorable opinion to the request for verification of limits and conditions (PVL) are described in the Manual available at:

The BDMG will provide support to the municipality so that the documentation required by STN is provided with agility and in its entirety, meeting the legal and operational prerequisites observed by STN in its analyses.

Authorizing law

  • If any modification is necessary in the draft of the authorized law, a prior consultation with BDMG should be made by sending e-mail to
  • The member must send the original route of the authorized law signed by the mayor to the following address, to the care of the business management of the public sector: Rua da Bahia, N. º 1600, Bairro Lourdes, 4th Floor, CEP: 30.160-970.

ECA/MG Certificate

Provide updated credit transaction certificate, as per item IV of art. 21 of the Federal Senate's resolution No 43/2001, attesting to compliance with the requirements laid down in Complementary Law No. 101/2000.

To request the certificate via digital, follow the guidelines contained in the document below:

NOTE: the use of Internet Explorer 8.0 is recommended for the proper functioning of all system features. To request the electronic certificate, digital certification is essential.

Approval of accounting reports

The issuer must approve accounting reports in the SIconfi (, as requested by the National TREASURY Secretariat (STN).

Deadlines for homologation of accounting reports in chronological order





Previous exercise



2nd Semester



3rd Quarter



RREO 6th two months



1st two months


Annual Balance Sheet

Previous exercise



1st Trimester



2 º Two months



1st Semester



3º Two months



2nd Quarter



4th two months



5th two months


Personnel expenditure Chart

The values reported in the staff expenditure framework must conform to the certificate issued by the ECA, and also by the Tax Management Register (RGF).

Debt chart

The values reported in the debt chart must conform to the Tax Management Register (RGF).

The municipalities that had the proposals enabled by the BDMG and framed with the STN should present to the bank the project to be financed. After approval of the project, the bidding process should be forwarded to BDMG, according to the guidelines below.

Project Analysis and Construction Bidding

In this stage, the project will be analyzed, which should be filed in the BDMG for analysis of the engineering team.

The requirements of the project booklet to be provided by BDMG must be observed. After evaluating the project by the bank's engineering team, the authorization will be issued to carry out the work bidding, always observing the requirements of Law No. 8.666/1993 or Law No. 10.520/2001.

We emphasize that the bidding should be carried out only after issuing the licence to bid, sent by BDMG.

Download the project booklet (Files below):

Construction Bidding

BDMG will perform a compliance analysis on the bidding process led by the municipality. The results of the bidding process should be sent to BDMG Digital Municípios (for contracts entered with BDMG from 2020 onward) or to (for contracts entered with BDMG until 2019). The following documents should be sent: ratification, award (BDMG template), and service provision agreement, along with a Statement of Compliance with Law no. 8,666/93, as per the template below:

Resource Transfer Agreement

The contract of transfer of funds between BDMG and the municipality will be generated after this step, based on the value of the tender presented. Any balances of the value approved in the PVL may be availed, provided that within the validity established by it.

Authorization for the commencement of works

At the end, after the formalization of the contract, the authorization will be issued for the beginning of the works and/or the acquisition of goods.

At the end, after the formalization of the contract, the authorization will be issued for the beginning of the works and/or the acquisition of goods.

Please read the announcement carefully to know the available credit lines and the general rules for qualification.

The hiring of the credit transaction is conditional on:

  • Capacity of the tenderer's indebtedness: approval of the request for verification of limits and Conditions (PVL) of the credit transaction.
  • Credit and risk analysis of the municipality, according to BDMG criteria.
  • Cadastral regularity of the municipality.
  • Technical and financial support of the municipality with BDMG.
  • Project approval by BDMG.
  • Presentation of the bidding process referring to the work and equipment pleading, in accordance with Law No. 8.666/93 or 10.520/01, which will balize the value of the contract.

The registration pending in SIAFI/MG, CADIP, FGTS, State revenue and Federal revenue are impediments to the hiring and release of resources

The date of issuance of the financing agreement by BDMG shall be deemed to:

  • Count of the grace and amortization deadlines.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the request for verification of limits and conditions (PVL) for hiring.
  • Verification of cadastral regularity.
  • Capacity of indebtedness of the municipality.​​​​​​​

After the signing of the contract and authorization for the beginning of the works and/or acquisition of goods, the municipality should forward the measurement, according to the guidelines below.​​​​​​​

These are general conditions for releasing resources:

  • Formal authorization of the BDMG for the start of work and/or acquisition of the good.
  • No relevant cadastral restriction, at BDMG criterion, relative to the municipality.
  • Delivery to the BDMG of the resulting measurement of the works, as well as the proof of application of the resources already released.
  • Proof of tax regularity before the SIAFI-MG-integrated system of financial administration of the state of Minas Gerais.
  • Regularity of the municipality before the IRS.
  • There is no fact of an economic and financial nature that, at the discretion of BDMG, can compromise the execution of the funded undertaking in order to alter it or preclude its realization.
  • Proof of the plate posting to the financial collaboration obtained, according to the model available on the BDMG website, in a visible way at the site of the project financed.
  • The regular progress of the work, according to the schedule presented to BDMG.


Funds will be released for the works after the analysis of the measurements presented to BDMG. You must fill out the files and send them to BDMG Digital Municípios (for contracts entered with the Bank from 2020 onward) or to (for contracts entered with the Bank until 2019).


Funds shall be released for machines/equipment after the analysis of the measurements presented to BDMG. You must fill out the files and send them to BDMG Digital Municípios (for contracts entered with the Bank from 2020 onward) or to (for contracts entered with the Bank until 2019).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the time limit to apply for the BDMG 2019 Municipality Tender?


    Until 14/Jun/2019. After that date, the Registration Form will be taken down from the BDMG Website.

  • What types of products can be financed through the 2019 Municipality Tender?


    Works and the purchase of equipment, i.e. investments, can be financed. It is not possible to use the tender funds to pay for public machinery costs.

  • What credit lines are available via the 2019 Municipality Tender? And what are their main purposes?


    BDMG CIDADES - Construction and/or renovation works for municipal public buildings and Energy Efficiency Projects

    BDMG URBANIZA - Works of Urban Mobility and Urban Drainage

    BDMG SANEAMENTO - Works of water supply systems, sanitary sewage systems, and urban solid waste treatment systems.

    BDMG MAQ - Road machinery and equipment for paving; truck bodies; vehicle bodies; tractors and university buses.

    (For more details, download the specific conditions of each line clicking on "ABOUT THE BID NOTICE")

  • Who can make my municipality application in the BDMG 2019 tender?


    Any representative legally appointed by the City Administration may fill out the registration form. But keep in mind that the request for letter of intent must be signed by the mayor him/herself and sent to BDMG until 14/Jun/2019, to the email address:

  • What will the contract amount be based on?


    The contract amount will be determined according to the tendered amount. Therefore, the contract will be executed after the Tender Process.

  • At what stage can I submit my project for analysis by BDMG?


    The project can be sent to BDMG as soon as its Proposal (PVL) is sent to the National Treasury Secretariat (STN).

  • Can I change the type of funding during the process?


    The entity can change the credit line only during the registration period; for that, it will be necessary to send a new Request for Letter of Interest stating the new credit line of financing requested.

  • What should be included in my Authorizing Law so that I comply with the STN requirements?


    BDMG provides a Legal template, which must be approved by the City Administration, already included in the items verified by the STN.

  • How many financing lines can I apply to?


    The municipality can apply to all lines of financing simultaneously, provided it has capacity to pay and the total amount is framed according to the limits laid down in the bid notice.

  • Can I start my works and later request the refunding of my expenses?


    Yes, works carried out up to 12 months prior to the execution of the contract can be reimbursed. However, BDMG must be notified of this intention as soon as the municipality is authorized in this tender. Be sure to read item 7.1 of the bid notice for more information.