BDMG’s actions are guided by respect for the environment and support of practices and projects which promote sustainable development in Minas Gerais. This development goes beyond the economic aspect. This is why the Bank encourages and sponsors culture, citizenship and socio-environmental responsibility in Minas Gerais in many different ways.


The Bank prioritizes supporting companies which have a strong socio-environmental concern, in addition to counting on a strict process of environmental and social assessment of their operations.

BDMG has a specific unit responsible for providing sustainability orientation. The Innovation Support Group seeks to reinforce partnerships and supply financial instruments which allow the funding of projects with a strong focus on social and environmental preservation issues.

BDMG enters into international partnerships to fund projects of major socio-environmental impact, such as the agreements signed with the French Development Agency (AFD) to finance projects of municipal infrastructure involving climate issues and the universalization of basic services.


BDMG Cultural is an entity which supports and encourages the development of the artistic and cultural scenario of the State, prioritizing the quality of life of its population with the introduction of an awareness which emphasizes the cultural education of society.

In order to fulfil the objective of sponsoring arts and culture in Minas Gerais, BDMG Cultural, throughout its history, has brought innovation to the artistic scenario of the State. With the promotion of events and activities involving theatre plays, classical or art music, young musical talents, literature and visual arts, the institution has consolidated its position as one of the main supporters of culture in Minas Gerais.

Since its formation, BDMG Cultural has revealed great talents, in various art segments. Investing in the new and contemporary has been and still is a priority in the management of the institution. Promoting culture and art has always been an inspiration for all those that participate in BDMG Cultural and has contributed to the broad expansion of the cultural scenario in Minas Gerais.

Citizenship - INDEC

Indec, Instituto de Cidadania dos Empregados do BDMG, or Institute for BDMG Employee Citizenship, is a not-for-profit civil entity, maintained mainly by BDMG and its employees. Recognized as being of public utility on a municipal, state and federal level, the Institute develops a series of social actions in Minas Gerais. Its main objectives are to:

  • Promote collective organization and stimulate solidarity;
  • Encourage the participation of the community in the management of projects of interest to the population;
  • Drive educational actions for young people in the low income bracket, with the participation of their families;
  • Foment health and nutrition actions;
  • Reduce child malnutrition in Minas Gerais through partnering with “Pão Forte Educativo”;
  • Develop and support social responsibility projects in areas that are needy and at risk, in the fields of education, health and environment.